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Federation of Indian Granite & Stone Industry
( Formerly Known as All India Granites and Stona Association )
stones gallery !
Federation of Indian Granite & Stone Industry

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bala flower

chamaraj nagar black

chima pink

himalayan blue

imperial pink

imperial white

kanakpura multicolor

kollegal black

kunnam black

lavender blue

merry gold

nagina green

p. white

ramnagar multicolor

saphire blue

sunrise yellow

tab brown

tumkur porphey

vizag blue


silver white

white gallery

colombo juprana

imperior white

kashmir white

lavendor blue

c white

chima white

south white

rivera yellow

royal yellow

shivakashi yellow

raw silk ivory

pallova gold

g d brown


godhra grey

godhra tarsand grey


raymond blue

bala grey

diana green

raj yellow

bala white


black galaxy

raj black galaxy

absolute black

dhanpura black

star black

tan brown

tropical green

tumkur porphry

red multicolor

silver sparkle

blue fantesy


vizac blue

r tiger

kashmir gold

lakha sunset

shiv yellow



desert cream

regal black

silver pearl

sea weed

cats eyes

aasam red

forest green

hassan green

mokalsar f green

nageena green

rakhi green

south brown

raj brown

seaweed green

himalaya blue

apache red

dhani red

ilkal red

jhansi red

pokhran flower

s red

jhansi red dark

jimco red

kandla red

kovalite red

lakha red

neemachi red

pokhran red

laveria cheema


sumocca red

tiger skin


chiku pal

j lakha

ramnagram multi

inidan juprana

onida orange

italica gold

royal gold

royal yellow 22

lakha yellow

butter scotch

copper silk

golden pearl

copper slice

imperior pink

imperior pink 22

rosy pink


sindoori red

sindhu golden

kanakpur multi color

bala pink

cheema 99


rose pink

royal red gold

royal touch

royal touch light

sukhi pink

m l yellow

crystal blue

crystal grey

gujarat brown

hindol blue

natural blue

s k blue

neemachi black

sira grey

brown pearl

sapphire blue

royal cream

mokalsar light
stona 2016

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